Our mission is to help your business thrive by ensuring that your supply chain is free of slavery and forced labor. We accomplish this goal through a three-phase approach.

Conduct Investigative Research

Our services begin with a detailed diagnosis of your supply chain. Through specialized research, we uncover the risks that your company faces and report them to you. After our initial research is complete, we conduct an in-person assessment of your supply chain. Our team employs a unique and holistic monitoring method, designed to detect the presence of forced labor with minimal disruption to your business. We report our findings to you and provide a plan of action.

Reinforce Supply Chain Integrity

After our research is complete, we offer an action plan to reinforce the integrity of your supply chain. Our team of specialists helps correct violations, build systems for internal accountability, and train relevant stakeholders. Our objective is to radically reduce the presence of forced labor in  your supply chain and to mitigate future risks – thereby increasing the overall effectiveness and sustainability of your business.

Provide Ongoing Support

We provide ongoing support to ensure the long-term health of your supply chain. Through regular monitoring, training events, and personal advisement, we help your supply chain establish a culture of accountability. Our ongoing support gives you the confidence to market your business as maintaining the highest ethical standards.


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